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Randi is passionate about topics related to women, moms, parenting, and the intersection of technology and our modern lives.

She is frequently featured in major print, television, radio, and online media outlets across the world.

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CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, CNN Money, The Huffington Post, SiriusXM

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Radio Show On SiriusXM

Dot Complicated Sirius XM

SiriusXM Business Channel 111
Wednesdays 9 AM PST/Noon EST

Learn what’s trending in the world of technology with Randi and Dot Complicated on SiriusXM. Every week Randi sits down with a panel of respective experts in their field to discuss the newest digital advancements in current trends. From fashion and entertainment to medicine and sports, DOT COMPLICATED explores all facets of how tech is changing the planet.

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NY Times Best Selling Book

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Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives, A New York Times Best Selling book by Randi Zuckerberg.

In the book, Randi shares her personal journey on the front lines of Facebook and how technology informs our lives online and off. Dot Complicated offers an entertaining and essential guide to understanding how technology and social media influence and inform our lives online and off.

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Lifestyle Online e-Zine


An online community helping us untangle our wired, wonderful lives. Featuring weekly articles, videos, ideas and deals.

Technology has changed virtually every part of our lives. Things have definitely gotten more fun and efficient (there’s seriously an app for everything!), but also much more complicated. At Dot Complicated, we sort through the noise to help find the “new normal.”

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Dot. The Book

Meet Dot! She’s a spunky little girl obsessed with electronic devices. Dot knows a lot. She knows how to tap… to swipe… to share… and she pays little attention to anything else, until one day Dot sets off on an interactive adventure with the world surrounding her. Dot’s tech-savvy expertise, mingled with her resourceful imagination, proves Dot really does know lots and lots.

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Dot. Television Show

Randi With Kids

The Jim Henson Company optioned the rights to adapt Dot into an animated television series for children ages 5 to 9. The forward-thinking series aims to encourage kids to be digital citizens who use technology in fulfilling ways and also value traditional play.

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